A Spoiler-Filled Guide to Gravity Rush (If You Want To Just Play the Sequel)

Gravity Rush 2 is great. It’s so good that it can be really hard to recommend the first game just because it is pretty rough by comparison. If you feel like playing the sequel (and you should) but feel like passing on the first, here’s a collection of things you ought to know about the messy world of Gravity Rush before going in.


Kat: The girl who fell from the sky and the main protagonist of the Gravity Rush series. Kat woke up in the city of Hekseville one day with no memory. She soon meets a cat named Dusty who grants her the power to shift gravity. She eventually takes the name Kat and decides to become Hekseville’s hero and protector.


Hekseville and The World Pillar: In Gravity Rush, the world exists along a huge tree-like column that stretches as far as the eye can see called the World Pillar. Hekseville is a city that was built hanging off the pillar. The city has four different districts and is the main setting for the open-world game. Hekseville hangs somewhere in in middle of the World Pillar. Below Hekseville are several violent Gravity Storms that are said to erase anybody who is unfortunate enough to fall in.

Also due to some nonsense, time passes slower the further down the pillar you are. This is a pretty important plot point.

Nevi: The Nevi are weird mindless monsters with red weak spots (cores) that frequently attack Hekseville. They tend to react to gravity storms and strong negative emotion. Other than that they’re just kind of generic monster baddies.

Raven: Raven is another girl with gravity powers like Kat who acts as a kind of rival character. At the beginning of the Gravity Rush she starts throwing chunks of the city into strange rifts that Kat has to bring back. It turns out this was all a big misunderstanding, and by the end of the game Raven and Kat are BFFs.


Syd: Syd is an aloof officer of the Hekseville police. He tends to rope Kat into his cases and then take most of the credit. Even so, he’s one of Kat’s more reliable allies in Hekseville.


The Creators: Basically the gods of the Gravity Rush world. They speak in puzzles and generally do lousy jobs as gods. There are two you need to know. Gade is an old man and the“Gateway Guardian” who tasks Kat with bringing back missing chunks of the city. He has a wormhole under his trench coat (I wish I was kidding) that he can use to teleport people to other places or dimensions. Second is Cyanea, a young woman andthe “Dream Guardian” who created the world by literally dreaming it up. She seems to only understand that she is a god when she falls asleep.

Alias: A mysterious criminal with a robotic head/mask thing that hides his true identity. He eventually steals enough stuff to create a device that controls the Nevi. Kat fights him and he dies in a trash compactor but PSYCHE! He’s not dead! He’s still a mysterious creep with unknown motives and a strong interest in Kat.


Boutoume and the Ark: OK, this is where thing get really complicated. Kat and Raven eventually fall to the bottom of the World Pillar. Down there they find a ruined town called Boutoume. It’s also revealed that at the bottom of the world is an ocean of gross darkness that is slowly rising.

Also down there they find a bunch of children who ended up down there when their bus fell from Hekseville 50 years ago (remember, time moves more slowly at the bottom of the Pillar). Raven is revealed to be one of the children who fell down years ago and she’s been trying to find a way to bring them all back since.


Eventually Kat and Raven load all the children onto an ancient ship called the Ark (important for Gravity Rush 2's Ark of Time DLC) and fly it back to Hekseville. Unfortunately they aren’t able to open the Ark back up when they get there and the children remain locked in stasis. Also an entire year passed while they were doing stuff down there. You win some you lose some.


D’nelica: While Kat and Raven were away, a dude named D’nelica was elected mayor of Hekseville. He ran an anti-Nevi, anti-gravity shifter platform that got a lot of traction after the chaos sewn by Raven’s earlier antics as well as the Nevi attacks that happened while Kat was gone for a year. He turns Hekseville into a more militaristic town with special defense forces and mandatory military training for citizens.

He does this because he received a mysterious prophecy of a looming dark threat that would swallow Hekseville ushered in by a “harbinger of catastrophe” falling from the world above. Hmm. It also turns out that he was the one who convinced Raven to start throwing chunks of the city into the void. Yeah, he’s a bit crazy.


Jellyfish: Jellyfish is D’nelica’s special anti-Nevi force. They use a bunch of high-tech weapons and stuff to fight the Nevi and Kat. The most important member of Jellyfish you should know is Yunica, AKA Sea Wasp. She’s a badass double amputee equipped with a jetpack and laser-lance. She fights Kat a few times. Less important members include Yuri Gerneaux (Yunica’s boss and leader of Jellyfish) and Permet (AKA Sea Slug, a minor character in some DLC missions).

Sea Anemone: D’nelica had Jellyfish build an anti-Nevi super-weapon and named it Sea Anemone because of course he did. The problem is the weapon is powered by Nevi cores. This causes Sea Anemone to go rogue and threaten to destroy Hekseville. Kat, Raven, and Yunica team up to take it down. D’nelica steps down as mayor soon after it is destroyed. Roll credits.


Minor Characters: These characters aren’t really important to the plot, but they show up in the sequel so they’re worth a mention.

  • Aujean and Eugie are a father son duo who are the worst. Aujean is a drunk and Eugie is a sourpuss. They tend to use Kat and then rat her out at their earliest convenience.
  • Newt and Echo are high school sweethearts. Echo tried to raise a Nevi as a pet and it turned out pretty bad for the school.
  • Bulbosa and Chaz are other police detectives. Bulbosa is the chief and Chaz is more of his underling.

Overture: Geeze. This animation. This is supposed to bridge Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2, but it’s mostly a confusing mess. What you need to know is that Kat, Syd, and Raven investigate a rash of orphan kidnappings. Eventually they find a weird experiment going on in the factory district. There’s a fight with creepy kids with crystal powers that eventually leads to the factory, Kat, Syd, and Raven getting sucked into a gravity storm. To be continued in Gravity Rush 2!

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