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GTAV: No Money, 'Mo Problems...

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Here's my problem. Once I beat the main missions in GTAV, my income dried up. There's no big heists to line my pockets with cash, no assassination missions to mess with the stock market, nothing is out there that will get me the cash I need to buy the remaining properties.


I've tried doing the little jobs but they just don't pay too well. Driving a taxi nets me about $150 every 5 minutes or so. I'm short a couple million to buy the golf course. So by my calculations, it would take me at least a few monts of consecutive play to pay that off... so screw that noise.

I've tried other methods. Picking up toxic waste offers some good cash, but it's a finite resource and still not nearly enough to get the money I need. Robbing armored trucks gets you a good amount, but it's risky and doesn't occur often. Robbing stores is another good option, but that too is risky. After all, $500 isn't worth it if I have to pay $5000 when I die.


I tried playing the stock market. I tried going, buying in Ammu-nation stock as soon as the online market went live. Still not enough profit and it takes too long. I tied manipulating the market like in the assassination missions. I put all my stock in an airline and went and destroyed all the competitor planes at the airport. That just got me 5 stars and a trip to the hospital. The stocks only jumped $30.

So I'm asking you all: How in the world can I get a ton of money in GTA post-game? I'm at my wit's end here...


Picture chosen because I'm terrified of Scuba diving thanks to sharks. F-you nature.

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