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I'm an Angry Duck- GTA Online

GTA Online! GTA ONLINE!!! Why do you hate me so?! I can't remember the last time I've been so angry with a game! And I just bought Sonic Unleashed! And played a bunch of crappy licensed PS1 games. But this. THIS!!


You know what Rockstar? I don't care. I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I'm gonna send you a trophy. It'll be nice, it has a clock on it and everything. Just be warned, it's gonna be a pretty crappy trophy at first. Right now it doesn't stand up right and the clock is broken. And sometimes it'll just disappear and you'll have to wait for a new stupid trophy. And sometime the trophy will will just sit there and you'll try to move it, but it doesn't move or do anything. It just kind of does this reverse cloud-watching thing, and you think "Is it working? I think it might be working. Wait, no it isn't. Better reset the trophy again."

But don't worry. I'll fix the trophy so you can use it. Eventually. Because that's perfectly ok, right? RIGHT?!


Geeze...I need a...I need a milkshake...

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